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Legislative Committee

Our Role

The Legislative Committee is composed of three board members, the Legislative Chairs (currently looking for another member). The Legislative Committee works directly with our OTAO Lobbyist, Niki. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss all matters that may impact OTs and OT services from a legislative perspective. The Legislative Committee also reports back to the Board on all legislative updates. Most importantly, the Legislative Committee is YOUR mode of communication to the Board, to your Lobbyist, and to begin developing conversations around any concerns you may have revolving the therapy services you provide.

Legislative Committee Chairperson

Julia Farrell

Legislative Committee

Open Position

Please email Julia at if this sounds intriquing

Legislative Committee

Open Position

Please email Julia  at if this sounds intriquing

What's Planned for 2023 - 2024

Conversations on a number of hot topics continue, and have been developing as we begin the new year. Topics include:

Caseloads vs Workload in the school setting - continues

Loan Forgiveness for rural OTs

OT Licensure Compact Initiative

OT and Mental Health

Working with the OT's/SLP's on eliminating pre-authorizations

If there are conversations you would like to begin having, be sure to reach out to the Legislative Committee at

Interested in Volunteering?

Time Commitments:  Individual/group availability.

Opportunity Description:  Interested in working closely with OTAO’s lobbyist and Board of Directors?

The Legislative Committee invites you to help with:  Creating and carrying out action plans to defend or assist OT practice in Oregon,

  • Collaborating with the Oregon Occupational Therapy Licensing Board for both legislative and licensing issues,
  • Collaborating with AOTA on both state and federal legislative issues that affect OT practice in Oregon,
  • Planning and carrying out one occupational therapy legislative day in Salem each year, and
  • Submitting articles to newsletters and/or emails outlining current state and federal legislation that affects OT practice when in session.

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